Top 3 Vintage Ideas For Your Louisiana Wedding

Three New Vintage Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding

Vintage is in! Whether dealing with clothes, furniture, or jewelry, or, for the bibliophile, books, “vintage” implies a time-tested value and comfort in knowing there is a tradition of which you are now a part. In today’s world of temporary, disposable and immediate, desiring something that is vintage is a statement of exceptional value and wisdom that only comes with time. Weddings that express a vintage quality may also imply that a marriage ceremony itself has value connected to an extended heritage, and where better to find such a depth of history than with wedding venues Louisiana and the rich, established Cajun heritage.

Vintage Plantation

Cajun traditions offer an opportunity to express value, romance and mystery that is hard to beat. Beginning in the middle of the 18th century, Acadian exiles from Nova Scotia and other maritime provinces refused to bow down to external pressure and as such, not only displayed unique courage, but also a tenacity that eventually landed them in Louisiana between 1754 and 1763. Since that time, their cultural identities have woven a rich tradition that is unmatched into the fabric of Louisiana life. Cultural expressions of Les Acadiens, alongside the desire for a vintage wedding of value, wisdom and depth are a perfect match.

One great idea is to move away from the stereotyped “order of ceremony” and build into the occasion a more open and free-flowing service interspersed with unique characteristics. Punctuality is not universally admired, and perhaps a wonderful vintage idea is to enjoy the wedding and reception spread out over an afternoon and evening in one location where the beginning, middle and ending are not so carefully choreographed. Encourage guests to relax and simply let things happen as they may. Chaos is part of the Creole world that matches the wonders of creation, a world to which they are intimately attached.

Vintage Ideas for Weddings

Another wonderful vintage expression is the music selection. Put away the string quartet and pipe organ and bring on the accordion and the fiddle. As the music plays, let the bride and groom march around the wedding hall slowly, perhaps in a creolized waltz rhythm, and slowly invite family then guests to join them. When the music finds a resting place, begin the ceremony in a casual and joyful atmosphere. Traditionally, the couples would have to wait a while for the circuit priest to show up anyway, so there’s time! In the early days, couples would perhaps jump over a broom held by their families to legalize the union and to get the festivities and dancing started long before clergy arrived.

A third idea revolves around the cuisine, traditionally simple yet flavorful, and rather than waiting to eat at a reception following a stylized ceremony, have the traditional three pots of delicacies available for whenever someone is ready to eat. In a world of ever-burgeoning complexity, Creole cuisine is uncomplicated with rice/cornmeal, seasoned vegetable gumbo (don’t forget the cayenne), and then a main dish such as crawfish or shrimp. Many Louisiana wedding venues show that it’s not about the presentation; it’s about participation and the joie de vivre that every Cajun seems to understand down to their very core!

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