Five Tips on How to Save on Your Louisiana Wedding

Top Five Money Saving Tips For Baton Rouge Weddings

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Did you ever wonder how some people have the most gorgeous Baton Rouge weddings without a huge price tag? There are ways to save money on all parts of your wedding day without breaking the budget.

1. The first thing you can save money on is the music. You do not need an orchestra playing during dinner hour. To save money, hire some musicians from a well respected music school in your area. If you are having a band for your wedding reception, ask if they will play during dinner hour, too. However, if you want to save money in this area, forget the band and hire a DJ. You will save hundreds this way. If you must have a band, choose a smaller band with five or so pieces and a talented bandleader. You don’t need a large band with a bongo player and three saxophones.

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  1. The second thing to save money on your Baton Rouge wedding is the paper costs. Stick to basic invitations. You do not need upgrades that will make your bill skyrocket such as colored ink or foil stamping. Do you need printed menus on every table? You certainly don’t need them. There are venues that will add simple menus into the cost of your bill. Another way to save is to make your own invitations. All you need is a computer, printer, and a little imagination. Instead of hiring a calligrapher to do your invitations, hand write them yourself.


  1. Decorations take up a huge part of your budget, but there are ways to save here as well. First, gather some friends so you can all decorate your own wedding venues Louisiana rather than paying someone big bucks to do it for you. Use plants and decorations and people can take them home afterwards. Buying your flowers wholesale will save you a ton of money and then hire a florist to make up arrangements for you.Wedding in Baton Rouge


  1. Wedding transportation can quickly become costly. If you are set on being picked up and arriving in a limo, hire a regular limo instead of a stretch limo or a fancy Hummer limo. These are usually double the cost of a regular limo. If you can’t afford a limo or want to save even more, have a friend drive you and the rest of the wedding party where you need to go. You can also hire a private driver to drive your car so the entire wedding party can enjoy themselves instead of having to drive everyone around.Baton Rouge Wedding Venues


  1. Food is another huge chunk of a wedding budget. Champagne is expensive so do without it. Your Baton Rouge wedding can cost you less if you have a buffet style wedding instead of paying per plate. The cake is something you really don’t want to skimp on so shop around for the cheapest prices. Just be sure to choose a butter cream or cream cheese frosting since it is cheaper than fondant. You can also do a simple cheesecake instead of a traditional cake. And lastly, never have an open bar.
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