Five Tips on Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Wedding Day

Choosing The Right Shoe For Your Wedding

Every detail counts when you are preparing for your wedding day at a Louisiana plantation. From the napkins to the dance floor, everything should be subjected to your scrutiny. To achieve the elegance of a Louisiana wedding venue you need to be comfortable; this means buying the perfect shoes for your perfect day. There are five things to remember when selecting shoes for your wedding day:

Shop ‘til you Drop

Wedding Shoes

Wait until the end of your shopping day to select your wedding shoes. Throughout the day, your feet swell as you become active; this causes your shoes to tighten. You will want to wait until your feet have reached this slightly swollen state from your long day of shopping to begin trying on shoes. Don’t cram your feet into shoes that are a little small because when your feet hurt, you hurt.


Color Confusion

Despite the popular belief that white is white, it comes in many shades and finishes depending on the type of material and how it was manufactured. When picking your shoes you will want your white shoes to match your white dress. If possible take a fabric swatch of your dress with while shopping to make sure the shades of white match between your dress, your shoes, and your accessories.

Choosing Material

Wedding Shoes

Most brides do not consider the material of their wedding shoes; however, this is important in selecting shoes that will compliment your perfect dress. You can use the bottom fabric of your gown as a guide to selecting an appropriate material for your shoes.


Your Own Style

Fabric isn’t the only thing to consider when finding your shoes; you will need to get shoes that match the style of your dress. The details of your dress and your shoes should coordinate; rhinestone shoes will match nicely with bejeweled or sequined dresses. Your shoes should compliment your dress to keep your guests’ focus on your overall elegant look.     

Head over Heels

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The most important thing to remember when selecting a heel for your wedding day is the length of your dress. Once you have selected your shoes, make sure to wear them during your final dress fitting to ensure the perfect length of your dress. When selecting shoes, you want to be able to walk in the size heel you have selected. If you can’t maintain a graceful step in those three inch stilettos, they probably aren’t the smartest choice. There are several heel heights to choose from to maintain your extravagant look, so don’t let your high hopes sink too far.


Whether your looking in Thibodaux, Houma or Covington Louisiana the look of the Louisiana plantation venue for your ceremony should be breathtaking, but also keep your reception in mind. If necessary, select two pairs of shoes to accommodate the change of pace from ceremony to reception.

Remembering these five easy tips will guarantee your perfect day at a Baton Rouge Wedding is a hit. You will be able to select shoes that are not only a perfect fit for your feet, but a perfect match for your dress and Louisiana wedding venues.

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Things Brides Overlook Planning a Wedding

Things Not to Overlook

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful.  There are so many things to take into account: the dress, the cake, the venue, the flowers and the honeymoon that sometimes the simplest tasks get forgotten.  As important as all the big details are, the small details that can fall by the wayside are the ones that make a big difference.  The little things, such as writing your vows, forgetting to pack and having enough food can be overlooked if you’re not careful.Albany Plantation Wedding Cake

Saying your vows is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.  Telling your mate how they make you feel, how much you love them, how you can’t live without them can be nerve wracking even without the added pressure of an audience.  Even if you know exactly what you want to say, writing everything down, getting the words on paper will make it easier to remember so when the times comes, you don’t mess up.  And this is definitely a moment where you want everything to be perfect.

Going on your honeymoon is amazing, romantic and wonderful, but it won’t be any of those things if you forget to pack. With everything that’s going on leading up to the wedding, not to mention the actual day itself, you could forget to pack your suitcase and find yourself with one pair of clothes in France.  If you remember nothing else, always pack a few days in advance.  That way, when the time comes, you won’t have to worry about it and it’ll be one less thing you have to stress about.

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                Definitely make sure you have enough of is food. Whether you’re having a big or a small wedding, you need to make sure you have enough food.  People come to a wedding not only to celebrate the couple getting wed, but also to have a good time by eating and drinking.  Food can bring people together, but if you run out, you could have some angry relatives on your hands.  And you don’t need hungry and drunk family members; that’s not a good combination.

These are three simple items that a bride can forget on her wedding day and if you just take time to relax and calm down, your special day can be all that you imagined.  Remembering the small things will make the big event that more memorable.  And making memories is what your wedding day is all about.Albany Plantation back grounds

Louisiana Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

Louisiana Wedding Ideas

Louisiana Wedding Ideas

Nobody knows the details of a wedding in Louisiana quite like a southern bride, especially if that bride is picky. Most brides want their wedding day to be unique, and stand apart from all the other weddings they have been to. This can sometimes lead to problems with planning, budget, or compliance with the wedding party. We are here to offer unique wedding ideas to get you hitched without a hitch.

You’re Invited – Wedding invitations are a major factor in letting everyone know you are tying the knot. Most invitations are the regular fancy calligraphy that some people struggle to read, but we encourage you to create an invitation that tells guests the theme of your wedding. If you are going “old Hollywood,” try an invitation that looks like a movie reel, or, if you are a book lover, make your invitations look like book covers. Don’t be afraid to stray from tradition and show off you and your groom’s style.

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Pretty as a Picture – Pictures are the key component of making your wedding day memories last. Take time to plan the type of pictures you want taken, consulting your photographer. At your Louisiana Wedding Be creative with your poses, don’t follow all the trends, and let you and your groom’s personalities shine. Don’t over-plan pictures, though; allow your photographer to capture those spontaneous moments, instead of only posed portraits. As a great way to capture spontaneity and get everyone’s angle on your wedding, place disposable cameras at reception tables for guests to use.

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Flower Power – The most daunting tasks for brides are the decorations, more specifically the flowers. For one thing, flowers can be a big part of your budget and still not look the way you want them to. Consider using fake flowers, instead of fresh, selecting a small variety of flowers, or mixing other natural objects into your arrangements. Feathers can bring a little pizzazz to your wedding, making flowers out of paper can show off your DIY skills, or you can skip flowers all together and replace them with something more meaningful.

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Bridal Party – Make sure your bridal party is completely put together the day of your Louisiana wedding. From shoes to hair everything should be in place for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, in spite of whatever party or celebration happened the night before. It’s okay to step away from tradition and have all your bridesmaids in different dresses, or pick a range of colors for your girls to choose from. Having the maid of honor or best man in something different will allow them to stand out and show their importance.

5 Ways to Make Your Louisiana Vintage Wedding Stand Out

Make Your Louisiana Vintage Wedding Stand Out

Louisiana Vintage Weddings have become what all the trendy brides do. If you want a wedding that will impress your guests, a vintage wedding will be sure to win the award for the prettiest wedding of the year. But with everyone labeling their wedding as vintage, how can you make your vintage wedding stand out? Luckily, we are here to show you how you can marry the vintage theme with your personal style.

Wearing the Right Gown

Louisiana vintage venues

The best way for your guests to understand that your wedding is vintage, is with your dress. We all know that vintage wedding dresses can look matronly and make the prettiest bride resemble the bride of Frankenstein. When researching vintage wedding dresses, pay attention to the little details. Typically, vintage dresses are cut a certain way, include large amounts of lace, and are accentuated with pearls, not crystals. When shopping in your bridal boutique, look for these elements, while finding a dress that fits your body like a glove. This is a great way to include your personal style with the vintage classics.

That Vintage Taste

 Louisiana Vintage weddings

When planning your vintage wedding, pay attention to the food and drinks you will be serving. Food and drinks are a major part of any celebration and if you don’t apply your vintage theme to your menu, you are missing a key part of a vintage wedding. If you are throwing a vintage 50’s wedding no vintage reception would be complete without martinis. One way to put your personal touch on your vintage menu is including a special family recipe or serving what your mother served at her wedding reception.

 Albany Plantation is perfect for wedding mixing and matching

If you are a fan of the vintage theme, but can’t give up your modern taste, then don’t. The best way to create a vintage wedding that will stand out is through mixing and matching. Most brides have a tendency to make everything match from the napkins to the plates to the seat cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, use different style chairs, a variety of plate designs, or incorporate modern elements to the vintage decor. Here’s a few more ideas for Louisiana Vintage/Rustic

 Picture Perfect

Louisiana Vintage weddings

A great way to capture that vintage look forever for your wedding is taking black and white or sepia toned photos. You can even use these photos on your thank you cards. Also, wedding poses aren’t the same today as they were fifty years ago. Investigate pictures from past family photos and research wedding poses on the internet to give your wedding album the same vintage feel as your big day. Past family wedding photos would be a great decoration for your reception and finish off the vintage look.

Vintage Venue

Guests should know from your Louisiana wedding venue that they will be stepping back in time to your wedding. Having your wedding at one of Louisiana’s nicest plantations on the North Shore would finish off a vintage outdoor theme. For those brides looking for the full vintage package, Albany Plantation is ideal for weddings and events. You can have the vintage wedding ceremony and reception of your dreams, with little to no major decorating. The New Orleans French Quarter atmosphere in the rear courtyard or the beautiful locations under the oaks or in front or onside of the barn will do the trick. Where ever you choose to have your vintage wedding, be sure to decorate with old lace, pearls, mason jars, burlap and antiqued flowers to bring out the beauty of the vintage space.

When pulling off any themed wedding, research will be your best friend, especially with a vintage wedding. Don’t go too crazy with the research though, there’s a fine line between tasteful and tacky. With these easy tips your Louisiana wedding will successfully marry the vintage look you want with your unique style.


Best New Wedding Dresses for This Season

Popular Wedding Dress Styles

The most difficult task for any bride when planning a wedding, is selecting the right gown. With your bridal army you scour the racks for the right dress for you. In spite of wanting to please those in your family or bridal party, a bride must pick the dress that makes her feel like a bride. The new wedding dresses for this season are sure to make any bride feel like the princess in a fairy tale.

The Peplum

When the dress first appeared on the runaway at fashion shows, it wowed the audience. For brides the main concern would be that it would accentuate the hips or other problem areas in a bad way. However, the peplum dresses come in different volume peplums to fit any body shape, curvy or boyish. Peplum wedding dresses add a level of haute couture to your wedding, the perfect choice for a fashionista bride. With a variety of shapes and different cuts, brides will be able to find a peplum dress that fits their figure and is as unique as their personality.

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Love Lace

Lace covered the runway this year in bridal fashion shows. Most brides are leery of lace, mostly because putting on a lace gown gives some brides a slight urge to sit on their grandmother’s piano and act like a doily. This year, lace has lost its infamous doily stereotype and been updated. The use of lace overlays, lace and sheer overlays, lace has brought romance to the perfect white gown. Along with the lace, sheer panels are also gaining popularity, with a little help from Duchess Kate. Brides are still drooling over the royal wedding and the elegance and romance sheer panels and lace brought to that very public occasion. Brides cannot resist the softness and romance brought by this year’s updated lace.


Pop of Color

Look out brides, the wedding party isn’t the only thing sporting a little color. This year the biggest shocker for the bridal fashion show was the large influx of colored wedding dresses. From nude to black, and even red, designers wowed the bridal world. Brides no longer have to stick to the flashing neon-white gown, but they can express their Albany Plantationfemininity with color. Big designers have caught onto the trend, which started with Vera Wang last year, now Oscar de la Renta and Romano Keveza are including color in their collections. Don’t think the invading color palette will out-shine the white; brides still want the bridal white to stand out on their wedding day.







Not sure what style will best fit you and capture the look you want on your big day? Can’t afford two dresses but want completely different looks for the reception and ceremony? Convertible wedding dresses are here to help. From removable tulle, skirts, trains, and even capes, you capture the unique look for tying the knot and then celebrating it. Removable tulle and trains will give you the chance to dance the night away without worrying about your dress. With convertible dresses you can have the best of both worlds, with soft tulle for the ceremony and sparkle for the reception. Every bride can achieve the look they want on their budget with convertibles.Albany Plantation

These wedding gown trends of 2013 are sure to make a splash with any bride and her guests when she walks down the aisle. This year’s best wedding gowns have something for every bride from the most traditional to the more liberal. These styles are sure to make every bride feel like a princess walking down the aisle to meet her prince charming.