Honeymoons On a Budget

Honeymoon Destinations On a Budget

If you are on a budget for your Louisiana honeymoon, don’t worry, because with good planning and a little research, you may be able to have the enchanting ceremony and happily ever after even if your honeymoon is in are out of country. The main thing that newly wedded brides want is the honeymoons they’ve always dreamed.

Honeymoons on a budget

A great way to shave expenses is to look for a wedding day location that is a one-stop venue. For example, Albany Plantation, located in Albany Louisiana, provides ceremony and reception facilities.  When choosing a venue such as this, it is important to look for built in character and beauty. At Albany Plantation you do not have to go on an all out on a decorating splurge. Allowing a couple to set extra money aside for your honeymoon on a budget. Albany Plantation allows you to create your special day and atmosphere, charm and ambiance that you want to surround you on your special occasion . You can choose to have your ceremony amongst the 200 year oak trees, or you might fancy the backdrop of the sprawling plantation home. After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a fun filled New Orleans style reception in the authentic looking courtyard, or set up an elegant spread in the indoor reception area graced with floor to ceiling glass windows looking out on the beautiful oaks and peaceful lagoon. Now that you have some info to shave unnecessary costs off of your wedding day, let’s talk about a few honeymoon destinations you can look forward too that won’t break you for years to come.

Louisiana Honeymoons on a budget

Staying within choices that do not require a passport will save you at least three hundred dollars per couple, but still include romantic and popular beach destinations and more. Oahu, Hawaii is a great place for those who just have to have that Hawaiian getaway, but might not have a huge wallet. Because of Oahu’s large concentration of accommodations, the lodging prices are very reasonable. Also, food in Oahu is alot more inexpensive than on some of the other islands, yet very tasty and authentic. There is a broad spectrum of places to dine, from fancy high rated restaurants to small locally owned hot spots. You can even go to the expansive market and pic out some of your own yummies to snack on or cook. In Oahu you can also visit the capital city of Honolulu or relax on world famous beaches such as Waikiki.


But don’t think Hawaii is your only choice for a beach honeymoon on a budget. Explore the horizons as Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory where you will not be burdened by passport charges, but can enjoy the tropical atmosphere and all the salt, sun and sand that you can imagine. Likewise, you could consider a cruise leaving from a U.S. port heading to coveted locations such as Mexico or the Bahamas. Because… SURPRISE, passports are no longer needed to enter these popular destinations if cruising from the United States.

budget honeymoons

Finally, some inland fun spots that are easy on the pocketbook include San Antonio, Texas, with it’s fun Mexican style spirit along every bend of the river, and destinations such as Schlitterban and white water rafting only a hop and skip away. Also, New Orleans is a must see for every traveler, and the accommodations and attractions are very reasonably priced, if not free! While in New Orleans, don’t pass up historic Jackson square and St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter, and be sure to stop in to Café Du Monde where you can get an order of their infamous beignets for only three dollars a pop. Lastly, you might just want to consider the Wonderful World of Disney as your dream filled destination. Disney offers many custom packages that include accommodations in a Disney resort, dining in the parks and park tickets for a very reasonable and enchanting price!

Wherever you choose to travel, make sure to use these tips to shave off expenses and give you and your spouse the most relaxing and unforgettable honeymoon on a budget you really want.

Hot Trends for Louisiana Weddings in 2014

 Louisiana Wedding Possibilities

Louisiana Weddings

The possibilities for Louisiana brides and grooms are virtually endless these days, but a few specific trends are setting the bar for weddings in 2014. Read along and get a sneak peek into three of the most exciting ones for this year!  For starters, couples are tending to revert back to a sense of simple elegance and vintage charm for their special day.

Louisiana Wedding Trends

Consequently, when it comes to Louisiana wedding trends the pendulum seems to be swinging away from the shabby chic weddings of 2012, where the motto seemed to be, “the more stuff, the better.” Couples are tired of the endless barrage of the “things” to purchase and/or make for their wedding. Brides and grooms are wanting their 2014 wedding to be more of a story of “who they are” as a couple, instead of a display of so many items for guests to view. As a result of this quest for simplicity, many couples are looking for that special Louisiana venue where they can hold a ceremony and reception at a location that has the space and land to accommodate all their guests…preferably someplace infused with character all its own. In a setting of natural elegance, an unassuming, yet enchanting, vintage rustic atmosphere can be achieved without the need for excessive decoration.

2013 Louisiana Weddings

Albany Plantation provides natural beauty and was designed to require little or no decoration to bring out a unique vintage Deep South look. Albany Plantation is located right outside of Hammond Louisiana, positioned perfectly between two of Louisiana’s big cities, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Brides find a mix of ease and charm when they arrive at Albany Plantation. Couples can choose from a wide array of locations on the property to have their wedding ceremony, amongst the two hundred year old oak trees, the front or rear courtyard or choose the grandeur of the plantation home or rustic barn as their backdrop. This “return to elegance” movement has been spurred on by cinematic and literary references such as Downtown Abbey, The Great Gatsby and A Royal Affair. While attending a 2014 wedding, many brides are choosing to dine with gold cutlery, sitting amongst bronzed vases filled with fresh garden flowers, or the luxury of being surrounded by lace…lots of lace, especially in reminiscent shades of soft ivory. Weddings in Louisiana

Louisiana brides love picking and choosing their colors and patterns for their big day!!  One color worthy of mentioning this year is mint. Mint is in! This soft, versatile color can be used as a base for paring a multitude of other colors, but even just mint and cream will be seen a lot. Holding with the idea of simplicity, grays will also envelope the wedding scene, paired particularly with varied hues of sweet rose. On the flip side, the demand for the fun and spontaneity of patterns is still on the rise! Chevron is top on the pattern list, followed by stripes and even some paisley and soft floral. Brides are getting creative with these options on their invitations, table decorations, brides maid’s dresses, and grooms men’s ties and pocket napkins. However, keep in mind that less is more, and try not to overdo it too much with the patterns.

Louisiana Plantations Work For All Occasions

Finally, leave it to the birds! 2013 lovebirds are literally filling their wedding with hints of feathery friends. Peacock feathers and brightly died ostrich feathers are in demand for use in centerpieces and other décor. Brides may accent an arrangement of flowers, fruits or succulents with feathers here or there, or they may rather a bold statement of only feathers and more feathers. Bird’s nests will also be found in greater quantities this year…nestled on dinner tables or even on top of the wedding cake tying in that vintage plantation look, and don’t forget to look for tiny sculpted sparrows stealing the show with their simplicity and sweetness. At the end of the reception, the bride and groom might make their exit amongst a shower of tossed birdseed, thus tying the whole theme together quite beautifully.

2013 Louisiana Wedding Trends

So, if you are in to trends…or just simplicity, you may want to consider an elegant wedding outdoors, or at least contemplate casting your décor with a touch of gold or bronze, hues of mint or gray, or hints of feathery fauna fluttering about.  These amazing pictures were taken by Robert Welch an incredible New Orleans Photographer.

Before You Book New Orleans Weddings

New Orleans Weddings Albany Plantation’s check list

He has popped the question, you’ve told everyone you know, and don’t know, and you are starting to plan your New Orleans wedding. Stop. There are some things you should know before booking New Orleans weddings. Here New Orleans Wedding Venueare four tips consider before booking actual reservations:

 1. Licenses to Wed

If you are booking your wedding as a Louisiana resident, or making New Orleans your destination wedding location, be sure to take care of your marriage license. Give yourself plenty of time to deal with the legal processes involved with getting a marriage license. Be sure your officiate knows what is required after you are married to make sure your marriage is legal.Albany Plantation Boat Dock

2.  No Reservations

New Orleans and New Orleans weddings are extremely popular, and it is extremely important to book your venue (for both your ceremony and reception) and your hotel early. When it comes to reservations, you do not want to procrastinate. If your venue is accommodating like Albany Plantation, your guests will have plenty of room to join in your special day.

3. Wedding Day Menu

When you are planning your wedding, you should take care of booking your venue first. If it is possible, visit your venue to take a tour, ask questions, and make plans for your wedding. new orleans weddingsIf it is not possible to visit your venue, you should be in constant contact with your venue to know what accommodations are available, and let the venue staff help you make preparations. When selecting your venue, look for places with an event package and choose one that suits your wedding needs. Make arrangements with your venue about decorations, catering, and entertainment, to ensure you are getting your dream wedding.

4.  Head Count

Planning New Orleans weddings can be exciting and very busy, but your special day should be shared with those you love. If New Orleans is a bit of a hike for you and your guests, offer hotel accommodations that are easy and affordable. Also, plan your wedding on a weekend to make sure as many of your guests can attend as possible.

Plantations in Louisiana

These easy tips will guarantee your www.batonrougeweddingvenues.net will be a success. At the end of the day, your wedding day should be shared with your loved ones to celebrate your happy union. Whether you are from outside the state of Louisiana, or a New Orleans native, a wedding in New Orleans will be the most memorable.







Louisiana Wedding Bands: Wedding Reception Celebration

Louisiana Wedding Bands

What better way to celebrate at your wedding reception than with live music? Louisiana has some fantastic wedding bands, in fact they have some of the best in the nation because they offer more than just music; they offer a variety of entertainment styles. With plenty of music types to choose from and a fabulous location like Albany Plantation, a Louisiana band can really make a difference for your wedding reception atmosphere and entertainment.Louisiana Weddings


Party Time – For some brides, the reception is all about the party atmosphere. Entertainment is king during the reception and a reception without live music is still nice, nothing comes close to that live music atmosphere. Louisiana wedding bands can bring the party to life because they know how to let the good times roll. Escalade Show and Dance Band is great option to choose as they offer a fun show with high energy to go with their music, putting your guests in the party mood. With the newly added dance floor, and room on our balconies and porches your guests are sure to enjoy the party atmosphere when you have your wedding at Albany plantation.

 Louisiana Weddings

Smooth Jazz – What could encompass the sounds of New Orleans better than a smooth jazz band? The best part about smooth jazz is that it can even be incorporated in your ceremony capturing all the romance of the moment. At the reception, smooth jazz offers a relaxed atmosphere that guests can enjoy in their seats or on the dance floor. A wonderful choice for a smooth jazz band is Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Sounds because they capture all the great sounds of jazz and Dixieland mix in their classic New Orleans style. Your Albany plantation wedding definitely won’t lack in style when you include a Louisiana Wedding band that is an expert in smooth jazz.


Local Louisiana Wedding Bands

One of my personal favorite bands in the Hammond Louisiana area has to be The Dominos. With Joe Abene as lead singer, singing everything from current hits to classic favorites of the 1960’s and Charlene Kelly completing the package by adding her soulful voice. This band has a full horn section, and talented background singers that are sure to make any event or wedding a sure hit. I’ve seen them perform on many occasions and every time was amazing, whether it was at Tin Lizzy’s or rocking out in front of thousands at the strawberry festival.Louisiana weddings


Variety – With guests of all ages, you need a variety of entertainment at your wedding reception that will appeal to everyone. What better way to have variety at your wedding than with a band that offers all kinds of music for the young and old? No matter what a bride’s style may be, the top notch variety of bands that Louisiana can offer you and your guests are exactly the type of music you need to have a memorable reception. With great bands like Magnolia, Rewind Band, Louisiana Crossroads, and many more, your guests will get plenty of surprises and exciting musical entertainment. From great covers of your favorite oldies to entertaining versions of the hits songs you love, there will always be something for everyone. Variety is no issue at Albany Plantation where we are more than happy to accommodate any variety band and their entertainment.Louisiana Weddings



Louisiana wedding bands offer the best in entertainment and music for your reception. Some bands even offer the smooth tunes that can even be incorporated right into your ceremony. Receptions are never dull and boring with great Louisiana bands putting a little pep in your guests’ step. These bands are easy to accommodate at Albany Plantation, where there is plenty of space for any reception set up and the staff is easy to work with to accommodate all of your entertaining needs.


Louisiana Plantations are Trending Among Brides

Women dream about their wedding day from the time they are little girls, while boys still have cooties.  One of the current trends among brides is destination weddings at Louisiana plantations. These plantations offer all the class and charm needed to create wedding bliss on your big day. Here are the top five reasons why plantations are trending among brides.

 1.   Destination Station

Louisiana Plantations make the best destination weddings, forget the beach scene. From the luscious gardens, perfect for a romantic ceremony, to the elegant ballrooms to dance the night away celebrating, plantations have plenty of room to spare. They offer countless location options because of their size and grandeur. Brides love this as it gives them plenty of choices to capture the right atmosphere for their ceremony and reception.

 2.   Pretty As a Picture

The overall splendor of a plantation will make your wedding look just like that magazine you have gawked over for months. No matter how small or large your budget, if your wedding takes place at a plantation, it is a guaranteed success with the pictures to prove it. With the beautiful landscapes and elegance of the inside, plantations enhance your radiance and the beauty of your big day. Every wedding is a hit with a Louisiana plantation as the backdrop.

3.   Packaged Deal

No one understands budgets like a bride. The best part about plantations, and the reason brides are flocking to them, is the fact that they fit nicely into any bridal budget. Offering discounted rates to the bridal party, in-house catering, and approved vendors, Louisiana plantations have it all. They make planning your big day as stress free as possible because they take care of all the fine details on your wedding day.

4.   Elbow Room

Louisiana has high regards family traditions, and plantations are proud supporters of family roots. Plantations in Louisiana allow brides to invite as many guests as they want, so bring on the second and third cousins. Plantations are large and have plenty of options for the ceremony and reception to accommodate that large guest list you just can’t seem to cut. Brides want to share their big day with all their family and friends; it’s what makes the day truly special.

5.   Comforts of Home

Whether you are a simple country girl, or the forerunner of southern fashion, the plantations of Louisiana will make you feel right at home. Every plantation employs hospitable staff members that will make the days before your wedding as stress free and problem free as possible. The staff is there to support you as if you are part of the family. All brides want a stress free wedding day and plantations are the perfect place to make that happen.

With all the comforts of home and the great location, Louisiana plantations have hit the top of the wedding venue charts for brides. Weddings should be as perfect as a fairy tale for every bride and the plantations in Louisiana are the place where bridal dreams come true.