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Louisiana Wedding Trends 2012

 Trends in Louisiana Wedding Venues in 2013


Unique photography, fun catering, and vintage elements in Louisiana wedding venues comprise the latest in 2013 wedding trends. The best part of these wedding trends is that they showcase a couple’s preferences and individuality no matter what budget they have. It is about modern creativity, with a nod to the past, in these wedding trends, and you can choose which of them to incorporate into your special day as a fun twist with tradition.

Choosing the right Hammond Photographer

You can capture your wedding day at Louisiana wedding venues by choosing a creative photographer who will give you many options for photographs that you will look at for years to come. One of the greatest trends in weddings in the last decade is the advent of experimental engagement and wedding photography. The best photographers put an album together after your special day that you will look at and be amazed by. The photographer’s job is not just to capture the image of the day, but to encapsulate the essence of your love. Find a photographer that thinks outside the box, then look at samples of previous photographic projects, and see whether you like that photographer’s eye. If you do, you will end up with photography on your wedding day that sets you apart from the others, and reiterates how special your love is.

Wedding day catering does not have to be a traditional sit-down dinner at Louisiana wedding venues. Try buffet-style offerings for the latest in 2013 wedding trends, with tables of food with different offerings spread out over your venue. Provide ample places to sit, and encourage your guests to take a plate, mingle about, and choose something different the next time around. It’s all about entertaining your guests and giving them choices as they help you celebrate your love. In addition to buffet-style catering, you and your fiancée can create a cocktail that you will offer to your guests as your signature drink. Whether it is a traditional Cosmopolitan, a cucumber creation, or an Old Fashioned, your guests will be thrilled to enjoy a special cocktail chosen by the bride and groom at wedding venues Louisiana.

Albany Plantation, We Specialize in Vintage

The final element of 2013 wedding trends is the incorporation of vintage elements at Louisiana wedding venues. Choose a vintage wedding gown and have it tailored to fit you perfectly, and wear red lipstick or a petite 1920s veil instead of a long one. It’s easy to add vintage furniture or decorations to your reception area, in the form of placard holders or a vintage chandelier. No matter what you choose, this year’s wedding trends are about creativity.


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