Five Tips on Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Wedding Day

Choosing The Right Shoe For Your Wedding

Every detail counts when you are preparing for your wedding day at a Louisiana plantation. From the napkins to the dance floor, everything should be subjected to your scrutiny. To achieve the elegance of a Louisiana wedding venue you need to be comfortable; this means buying the perfect shoes for your perfect day. There are five things to remember when selecting shoes for your wedding day:

Shop ‘til you Drop

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Wait until the end of your shopping day to select your wedding shoes. Throughout the day, your feet swell as you become active; this causes your shoes to tighten. You will want to wait until your feet have reached this slightly swollen state from your long day of shopping to begin trying on shoes. Don’t cram your feet into shoes that are a little small because when your feet hurt, you hurt.


Color Confusion

Despite the popular belief that white is white, it comes in many shades and finishes depending on the type of material and how it was manufactured. When picking your shoes you will want your white shoes to match your white dress. If possible take a fabric swatch of your dress with while shopping to make sure the shades of white match between your dress, your shoes, and your accessories.

Choosing Material

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Most brides do not consider the material of their wedding shoes; however, this is important in selecting shoes that will compliment your perfect dress. You can use the bottom fabric of your gown as a guide to selecting an appropriate material for your shoes.


Your Own Style

Fabric isn’t the only thing to consider when finding your shoes; you will need to get shoes that match the style of your dress. The details of your dress and your shoes should coordinate; rhinestone shoes will match nicely with bejeweled or sequined dresses. Your shoes should compliment your dress to keep your guests’ focus on your overall elegant look.     

Head over Heels

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The most important thing to remember when selecting a heel for your wedding day is the length of your dress. Once you have selected your shoes, make sure to wear them during your final dress fitting to ensure the perfect length of your dress. When selecting shoes, you want to be able to walk in the size heel you have selected. If you can’t maintain a graceful step in those three inch stilettos, they probably aren’t the smartest choice. There are several heel heights to choose from to maintain your extravagant look, so don’t let your high hopes sink too far.


Whether your looking in Thibodaux, Houma or Covington Louisiana the look of the Louisiana plantation venue for your ceremony should be breathtaking, but also keep your reception in mind. If necessary, select two pairs of shoes to accommodate the change of pace from ceremony to reception.

Remembering these five easy tips will guarantee your perfect day at a Baton Rouge Wedding is a hit. You will be able to select shoes that are not only a perfect fit for your feet, but a perfect match for your dress and Louisiana wedding venues.

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