5 Ways to Make Your Louisiana Vintage Wedding Stand Out

Make Your Louisiana Vintage Wedding Stand Out

Louisiana Vintage Weddings have become what all the trendy brides do. If you want a wedding that will impress your guests, a vintage wedding will be sure to win the award for the prettiest wedding of the year. But with everyone labeling their wedding as vintage, how can you make your vintage wedding stand out? Luckily, we are here to show you how you can marry the vintage theme with your personal style.

Wearing the Right Gown

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The best way for your guests to understand that your wedding is vintage, is with your dress. We all know that vintage wedding dresses can look matronly and make the prettiest bride resemble the bride of Frankenstein. When researching vintage wedding dresses, pay attention to the little details. Typically, vintage dresses are cut a certain way, include large amounts of lace, and are accentuated with pearls, not crystals. When shopping in your bridal boutique, look for these elements, while finding a dress that fits your body like a glove. This is a great way to include your personal style with the vintage classics.

That Vintage Taste

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When planning your vintage wedding, pay attention to the food and drinks you will be serving. Food and drinks are a major part of any celebration and if you don’t apply your vintage theme to your menu, you are missing a key part of a vintage wedding. If you are throwing a vintage 50’s wedding no vintage reception would be complete without martinis. One way to put your personal touch on your vintage menu is including a special family recipe or serving what your mother served at her wedding reception.

 Albany Plantation is perfect for wedding mixing and matching

If you are a fan of the vintage theme, but can’t give up your modern taste, then don’t. The best way to create a vintage wedding that will stand out is through mixing and matching. Most brides have a tendency to make everything match from the napkins to the plates to the seat cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, use different style chairs, a variety of plate designs, or incorporate modern elements to the vintage decor. Here’s a few more ideas for Louisiana Vintage/Rustic

 Picture Perfect

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A great way to capture that vintage look forever for your wedding is taking black and white or sepia toned photos. You can even use these photos on your thank you cards. Also, wedding poses aren’t the same today as they were fifty years ago. Investigate pictures from past family photos and research wedding poses on the internet to give your wedding album the same vintage feel as your big day. Past family wedding photos would be a great decoration for your reception and finish off the vintage look.

Vintage Venue

Guests should know from your Louisiana wedding venue that they will be stepping back in time to your wedding. Having your wedding at one of Louisiana’s nicest plantations on the North Shore would finish off a vintage outdoor theme. For those brides looking for the full vintage package, Albany Plantation is ideal for weddings and events. You can have the vintage wedding ceremony and reception of your dreams, with little to no major decorating. The New Orleans French Quarter atmosphere in the rear courtyard or the beautiful locations under the oaks or in front or onside of the barn will do the trick. Where ever you choose to have your vintage wedding, be sure to decorate with old lace, pearls, mason jars, burlap and antiqued flowers to bring out the beauty of the vintage space.

When pulling off any themed wedding, research will be your best friend, especially with a vintage wedding. Don’t go too crazy with the research though, there’s a fine line between tasteful and tacky. With these easy tips your Louisiana wedding will successfully marry the vintage look you want with your unique style.


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