Vintage Decorations for Your Louisiana Plantations Wedding

Vintage Ideas for your 2012 Wedding

From fifties-inspired red lipstick to lace gowns, vintage revival defines the latest in wedding trends. Even if you’re planning a more modern celebration, you can infuse the charms of the Old World into your decorations subtly and gracefully. Weddings at Louisiana plantations call for a nod to the luxury of antebellum Southern décor. There is nothing more memorable for guests than unique details of your wedding that they will talk about for years to come, and exquisite detail is a hallmark of the vintage decorations. Amplify the indulgence of your special day with old-fashioned inspiration.

Brides can easily complement the grandeur of weddings at Louisiana plantations by using vintage furniture during the ceremony and reception. Victorian couches and chairs are elegant and easy to find at antique stores with intricately-carved wooden legs and whimsically-colored cushions. Instead of uncomfortable, standard wooden or folding chairs, try antique Victorian-style couches and chairs for your wedding guests’ comfort and delight during the ceremony. Or arrange antique furniture underneath one of the old trees which define southern estates, and take your wedding portraits there: this increases the diversity of poses in which your wedding party can be photographed, and it adds a unique touch to your wedding photos. Vintage furniture can also be arranged around your reception area as statement pieces during cocktail hour.

 Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Vintage centerpieces and place settings are easy ways for brides to add vintage thrills to their wedding. Collect vintage silver candlesticks and place tall candles in them to accent your centerpiece. Brides can use vintage china for their place settings, delighting guests with antique, mismatched plates, bowls, and silverware. It is easy to find high-quality vintage china at second-hand stores, often gold and silver-plated and hand-painted. Look for vintage linen napkins and tablecloths with intricate stitching detail, and overlay a linen tablecloth with a vintage lace one. These unique place settings will captivate your friends’ attention and your families’ admiration.

You won’t have to worry about having “something borrowed” on your wedding day if you incorporate vintage decorations into your ceremony and reception. Louisiana plantations are the perfect setting for decorations from the past, rich with detail, workmanship, and history. This is the best day of your life, a day of beauty, love, and elegance. When you add vintage inspiration like Victorian furniture and antique china to your decorations, your wedding day will be one that your guests will cherish, remember, and emulate.

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